Here at Marelly we don’t just sell and repair AEDs, we live and breathe them. We follow the latest news, trends and updates in the field and our AED Blog page is a great spot for you to keep up to date as well. Articles about AEDs and first aid will appear here and sometimes include our own personal take on the news.

The Importance of Fall Protection

Did you know that about 15 workers die every day? That’s more than 100 deaths a week! Of these deaths, 20% of fatalities…

The Top 9 Safety Risks in Construction

Construction is a dangerous industry, and it’s important to take every precaution to ensure the safety of your workers. According to the…

February is American Heart Month

When was the last time you thought about your heart health? Do you have a loved one in your life who suffers…

October Is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month!

SCA, also known as sudden cardiac arrest, is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. In fact, SCA…

10 Items to Keep in a Commercial Vehicle First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll find yourself in an emergency. One can even strike while you’re on the job. It helps to…

Hydration and Its Link to Cardiac Arrest

Hydration and Its Link to Cardiac Arrest It is extremely important to stay hydrated, especially when working in physically demanding environments. This…

June 1-7 is National CPR & AED Awareness Week!

It's National CPR & AED Awareness Week, and we're giving away one AED! Sudden cardiac arrest can strike any time and any [...]

7 Critical Supplies You Must Have in a First Aid Kit

Band-Aids, gauze, scissors — all of these items are commonly found in any basic first aid kit. First aid kits are designed…

Why Do AED Pads Expire?

As a leading experienced provider of AED sales, support and services for your workplace AED programs, one very important task Marelly can [...]

Understanding ANSI & OSHA First Aid Kit Requirements

In the United States, the requirements for your workplace first aid kits are handed down by a pair of agencies called ANSI [...]

How to Celebrate Heart Month

Happy Heart Awareness Month! February is Heart Month, which makes it the perfect time to learn about heart disease and preventative steps [...]

AED Trade-Ins – Get Rebates from ZOLL

AEDs are similar to a smartphone, car, or any other technology product — there comes a time when you have to upgrade [...]

9 Important Questions to Ask When Buying an AED

Think all AEDs are the same? Think again. AED similarities stop at the acronym that is used to describe them. When shopping [...]

The Incredible Value of Group CPR Training

The Incredible Value of Group CPR Training Knowing how to do proper CPR is extremely important. According to a recent study in [...]

AEDs for Gyms & Fitness Centers

Are you missing the most important piece of equipment in your gym? Ensuring the safety and health of your members is a [...]

Thinking about renting or leasing an AED instead of just simply buying one? Be prepared….. You could be “shocked”.

Each year, approximately 350,000 people experience cardiac arrest outside of hospitals. With the combination of using an automated external defibrillator (AED) along [...]

Chip’s Tips for Buying an AED

In a perfect world, everyone would know all about sudden cardiac arrest, AEDs, and how to use them in a life-saving emergency. [...]

Are You Overpaying for First Aid Supply Services?

Is your First Aid kit quietly "bleeding" your safety budget? Let's be real here... Managing First Aid cabinets and supplies is not [...]

June 1-7 is National CPR & AED Awareness Week!

We're giving away an AED for National CPR & AED Awareness Week! Sudden cardiac arrest can strike any time any place. Having [...]

AEDs in Schools: How AEDs Keep Students & Staff Safe

Fall is officially upon us and the school year is in full swing. Let’s have a talk about the role AEDs play [...]

Welcome to the New

We had some work done. Did you notice our new look? Marelly had our website redone this summer. We sure hope you [...]