Why Do AED Pads Expire?

As a leading experienced provider of AED sales, support and services for your workplace AED programs, one very important task Marelly can do for you is remind you about your defibrillator pad expiration dates. Why do AED pads expire and why is it so important to replace your pads when they’re out of date? Here is some important information you need to know about AED pads.

Why Do AED Pads Expire?

AED units are Class 3 medical devices regulated by the FDA. The FDA sets an expiration on AED pads to ensure safe use. With AEDs we can’t control who the patient might be or who the responder will be. It is absolutely critical that your AED device is kept in proper working order so that instructions can be followed to a “T” with no circumstantial knowledge needed and no unexpected surprises. For this to be the case, the AED pads need to be in top shape.

The Gel

A layer of conductive adhesive gel is applied to AED pads during manufacturing. This gel helps the pads adhere to the patient’s skin properly. The gel must be able to seep into the pores of the skin to form a secure bond. Getting proper skin contact and secure adhesion with the AED pads is one of the most important steps of using an AED. Over time, the chemical makeup of the gel breaks down and begins to dry out. Without proper gel adhesion, the chances for the pad to pull away from the skin are increased. This can cause the AED’s defibrillator shocks and feedback analysis to be inaccurate and ineffective.

When Do AED Pads Expire?

The FDA has determined that the time frame for ensuring proper adhesion is between 18-30 months after being manufactured. After the expiration date, there is a reduction in the chances that the AED will provide effective analysis and therapy, particularly when CPR is performed.

AED Maintenance Is a Life-Saver!

Regular AED pad replacement and maintenance of your AEDs can mean the difference between life and death. Studies have shown that 5 out of 10 workplace AED programs are not 100% compliant. Expired AED pads are a simple, yet often overlooked AED compliance issue. Make no mistake — keeping your AED pads up-to-date does more than helping to keep you in compliance. It could potentially save a life!

Need to Order AED Pads?

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