June 1-7 is National CPR & AED Awareness Week!

zoll aed plus bag

It’s National CPR & AED Awareness Week, and we’re giving away one AED! Sudden cardiac arrest can strike any time and any place.  Studies have shown that having an AED nearby along with early administration of high quality CPR increases survival chances from 8-9% to over 60%. Sudden cardiac arrest is an “electrical problem” in […]

7 Critical Supplies You Must Have in a First Aid Kit

Band-Aids, gauze, scissors — all of these items are commonly found in any basic first aid kit. First aid kits are designed to provide everything you might need in case of an emergency. Accidents can happen anywhere and you need to be prepared — especially in the workplace. As an employer, you have both a […]

Why Do AED Pads Expire?

Why do AED pads expire

As a leading experienced provider of AED sales, support and services for your workplace AED programs, one very important task Marelly can do for you is remind you about your defibrillator pad expiration dates. Why do AED pads expire and why is it so important to replace your pads when they’re out of date? Here […]

Understanding ANSI & OSHA First Aid Kit Requirements

In the United States, the requirements for your workplace first aid kits are handed down by a pair of agencies called ANSI and OSHA. The purpose of the ANSI and OSHA standards is to assure that aid is available in the critical first minutes after an injury occurs in your workplace. Responding in a timely […]

How to Celebrate Heart Month

Happy Heart Awareness Month! February is Heart Month, which makes it the perfect time to learn about heart disease and preventative steps to take to help your heart. American Heart Month started in 1963 in order to inspire Americans to get educated on our hearts and heart disease. The Importance of Heart Health According to […]

AED Trade-Ins – Get Rebates from ZOLL

AEDs are similar to a smartphone, car, or any other technology product — there comes a time when you have to upgrade to a newer model. AEDs are continuing to improve in ways that have the potential to positively impact the outcomes of life or death situations. While they have quite a long “shelf life” […]

9 Important Questions to Ask When Buying an AED

Think all AEDs are the same? Think again. AED similarities stop at the acronym that is used to describe them. When shopping for an AED, it is important to understand the differences and how they relate to your needs. The following are questions and factors you should consider when purchasing your AED. What is the […]

The Incredible Value of Group CPR Training

The Incredible Value of Group CPR Training Knowing how to do proper CPR is extremely important. According to a recent study in Mesa, Arizona, “a victim of cardiac arrest is more than twice as likely to survive when rescued with a defibrillator equipped with real CPR help used by medics who have received scenario based […]

AEDs for Gyms & Fitness Centers

Are you missing the most important piece of equipment in your gym? Ensuring the safety and health of your members is a huge responsibility for gyms and fitness centers. Due to the stress put on the heart during physical activity, sudden cardiac arrests happen more often at workout facilities and sports centers. It’s not just […]

Chip’s Tips for Buying an AED

In a perfect world, everyone would know all about sudden cardiac arrest, AEDs, and how to use them in a life-saving emergency. ‘AED’ would be as recognized as ‘CPR’, and every workplace and public area would be fully equipped and properly managed.  Unfortunately, this is not our reality. Many people do not learn about AEDs […]