Are You Overpaying for First Aid Supply Services?

Is your First Aid kit quietly “bleeding“ your safety budget? Let’s be real here… Managing First Aid cabinets and supplies is not exactly fun for most people. In fact, many of our clients, prior to using our First Aid products and services have told us it is a downright nuisance. We understand how most people […]

June 1-7 is National CPR & AED Awareness Week!

zoll aed plus bag

We’re giving away an AED for National CPR & AED Awareness Week! Sudden cardiac arrest can strike any time any place. Having an AED nearby and providing high quality CPR is critical to survival.  Studies have shown that having an AED nearby along with early administration of CPR increases survival chances from 8-9% to over […]

AEDs in Schools: How AEDs Keep Students & Staff Safe

Fall is officially upon us and the school year is in full swing. Let’s have a talk about the role AEDs play in school safety. When the subjects of school safety and keeping students and faculty members safe come up today, most minds go first to things like safety drills and bullying. These are certainly […]