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We're giving away an AED for SCA awareness month.

Not only do 65 percent of underestimate the seriousness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), but most also believe that SCA is a type of heart attack. They aren’t. Sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack are two different things, and knowing the difference can save lives. A heart attack is a “circulation problem” that occurs when blood flow to the heart is blocked. Sudden cardiac arrest is an “electrical problem” in which the heart malfunctions and unexpectedly stops beating.

SCA Awareness Month

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about SCA. We do this by helping the public become more familiar with what SCA is (and isn’t), how it affects people, and what can be done to help save lives. It often involves special outreach to heart attack survivors, who are at a higher than average risk of experiencing SCA.

Decrease the Death Toll

More than 350,000 people die each year because of SCA incidents that occur outside of a hospital. SCA claims one life every two minutes – more than breast cancer, lung cancer, or AIDS. Lowering this death toll means helping people understand SCA’s warning signs, how to prevent it, and how to respond properly to an SCA event.

Minutes Matter

Time-to-treatment is critical in SCA survival. Ninety-five percent of those who experience SCA die because they do not receive life-saving defibrillation within four to six minutes. This is why AEDs are so important. Every school, workplace, community space, or other place where people gather should have an AED ready and accessible in case of an SCA emergency.

Enter to Win a ZOLL AED+Plus w/ Wall Cabinet

As part of SCA Awareness Month, Marelly is supporting the placement of AEDs by giving away a ZOLL AED Plus with a Wall Cabinet! You can enter our giveaway by completing the form below and telling us in 500 words or less why you need an AED for your workplace, school or community location. A winner will be chosen by random selection on October 31st. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss the big announcement!