Are you compliant?

Buying AED equipment for your workplace or facility is one thing, but are you prepared to use it? At Marelly AEDs & First Aid, our core focus has always been providing the industry’s best and all-encompassing AED Programs.

We are more than an AED supplier. We are the leading AED program provider, offering lifesaving programs for your workplaces and communities.

Do you have a maintenance and update plan? Is your team trained on life-saving techniques and using AEDs? Our AED programs prepare you and your team to be ready when it matters most. Explore the links below learn more information about Marelly AED programs.

Proper placement, ongoing responsibilities, maintenance and lawful compliance of AEDs are four components at which Marelly excels.

Marelly is committed to lifesaving programs in the workplace, and no program is complete without proper training.

Marelly the industry leader in providing your company with a complete, comprehensive and most importantly, totally compliant workplace AED program.

We offer service and support to all AED owners in need regardless of brand. Ensure device readiness through preventative maintenance. We offer service to all equipment and parts so you can be ready if the time comes.

If there’s anything you want to learn about our programs or AEDs then give us a call. We offer free consultations and we can work together to make sure you are as prepared as possible for the worst situations.

Ensure your AED is always ready with AED Sentinel, a subscription based service that remotely monitors AEDs, eliminating the need for human inspection.