AED Service and Support

A lot of what we do at Marelly is sell AEDs and make sure your organization is compliant and prepared in case of cardiac arrest or medical emergency. Sales is only one part of the picture, however.  We also provide service and support for your existing AEDs. After all, what good is a life-saving AED if it isn’t ready when the moment of need arises?

If you think your AED could be malfunctioning, or needs service, we would be happy to come out and provide a solution for you. We service all brands of AEDs, but we only sell Zoll due to our belief in Zoll as the best AED on the market.

We may be able to offer you a trade-in or upgrade to a Zoll AED while we are on your premises.

For any questions or to schedule a free consultation call us today! Our team of AED experts would be happy to help.