Comprehensive AED Program


complete & compliant AED program than simply buying an AED.

Site assessment

Proper AED placement is critical for a successful rescue. Time saved equals lives saved. High accessibility and high visibility is key. Understanding our industry standard “3 minute drop to shock” rule is important for proper site assessment.

Keys to an AED purchase

What are my ongoing responsibilities as an AED owner?

There is more to a complete and compliant AED program than simply just buying one. There can be other up front financial requirements, and there will certainly be ongoing compliance requirements. These requirements can include medical direction , medical oversight, CPR , AED Certification and Training, EMS Registration and notifications and routine AED Inspections.

Maintenance and Upkeep/ Compliance with Federal/State/Local Agencies

Over 70 percent of our customers participate in Marelly’s AED Compliance Management program called From Implementation support, to compliance, to routine maintenance and scheduling , takes the weight off of your shoulders when implementing a complete and compliant program.