AED Remote Monitoring


you need them to be ready.

Because of today’s reliance on human AED inspectors, more than 1 in 5 AEDs may not be ready for use. This leads to an increased risk of AED failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death, and lawsuits. And, of course, there are direct and indirect costs associated with pulling valuable employees away from their primary jobs to perform AED checks.

But now, there’s AED Sentinel, the first remote AED monitoring system built for every AED program.

AED Sentinel Remote Monitoring

AED Sentinel eliminates the need for human inspections, reducing the risk of AED failure and the consequences that follow. Designed and built by the leading authority in AED program compliance, AED Sentinel provides the ultimate in ease of AED ownership. With AED Sentinel, you can be confident your devices are always ready, ensuring compliance and easing the burdens of program cost and management. The system is backed by AED Sentinel Certified Compliance at no additional cost, as well as a hardware warranty for the life of your subscription.

AED Sentinel Features and Benefits

AED Sentinel was thoughtfully designed to provide an uncomplicated solution to a complicated problem, enabling AED program managers to quickly self-install and foolproof their AED programs in minutes. It works with all current AED makes and models installed in wall-mounted cabinets.

  • Easy installation allows you to quickly set up and start monitoring your AEDs – AED Sentinel communicates via secure cellular network so no complicated Wi-Fi setup and no need to bother the IT team
  • 24/7 automated monitoring alerts you when AED cabinet doors are opened, AEDs need servicing and your batteries and pads require replacement
  • Digital documentation and reporting of all AED monitoring results are available in web-based, user-friendly AED Sentinel Manager software
  • AED Sentinel Certified Compliance shows you are following AED inspection standards, AED laws and manufacturer guidelines

How AED Sentinel Works

  • AED Sentinel uses internet-connected hardware that monitors your AEDs 24/7
  • Data is transmitted to the AED Sentinel Manager platform for automated analysis and action
  • Email and SMS alerts are sent when an AED cabinet door is opened, or an AED needs attention
  • Monitored AEDs and other AED Sentinel assets are easily viewed and managed online via AED Sentinel Manager software

What’s Included with AED Sentinel

AED Sentinel is a subscription-based service that provides the ultimate return on your AED program investment. AED Sentinel delivers on peace of mind, so you can rest assured that the time and money you’ve already invested in your AED program has your organization ever-ready. And AED Sentinel eliminates the cost of human inspectors, giving you back the time of your valuable employees.

A low annual AED Sentinel subscription fee includes fully warrantied AED Sentinel hardware, unlimited use of AED Sentinel Manager software, data and monitoring services for the life of your subscription. So, you’re all set.

Contact us today to learn more about how a modest investment in AED Sentinel can ensure your AED program is always ready.