Are you missing the most important piece of equipment in your gym?

Ensuring the safety and health of your members is a huge responsibility for gyms and fitness centers. Due to the stress put on the heart during physical activity, sudden cardiac arrests happen more often at workout facilities and sports centers. It’s not just high-intensity gyms or individuals with known cardiovascular problems who are at risk. In fact, among young athletes sudden cardiac arrest is the number one cause of death. This makes having an automated external defibrillator (AED) in close proximity and ready to use at all times critical for any type of gym, fitness center, or health club.

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

According to the American Heart Association, over 350,000 individuals experience sudden cardiac arrest each year in the United States. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is caused by issues with the electrical activity in the heart, and unexpectedly it stops properly beating. It is proven that SCA’s most effective treatment is using an AED, along with CPR administration, to exert an electric shock and restore the normal rhythm of the heart. SCA is considered to be such a critical public health issue because it can happen to anyone at anytime. Young or old, fit or not, SCA does not discriminate. Even scarier, SCA typically does not illustrate any warning signs, so people are unlikely to know when they are in danger.

Does My Gym Need an AED?

While no one is guaranteed 100% safe from experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, there are some conditions that can increase an individual’s SCA risk. One of those conditions is intense physical exertion. The goal of going to the gym is to improve an individual’s overall health and fitness, and this typically involves pushing the body to its limits with heavy lifting and intense cardiovascular workouts.

SCA can affect anyone no matter how hard you push yourself while exercising.

Having an AED on site of your fitness facility has many advantages. Below are a few that your fitness center could benefit from when having an AED:
  • Protection of your members and employees
  • Easy to use
  • Little maintenance
  • Can lower insurance premiums
  • Is cost effective
  • Protection of your fitness center from liability issues

Equip Your Gym With a Lifesaving AED

Whether you know what you are looking for and want to quickly purchase an AED, or you would rather have the full service including a consultation, program management, etc. from our team at Marelly, we are here to help. Marelly’s advanced products and services will help protect your gym members when being physically active. For sales, service, or compliance and training, give Marelly a call today or visit us at our website!