February is American Heart Month

When was the last time you thought about your heart health? Do you have a loved one in your life who suffers from heart disease? February is American Heart Month. This means that the medical community and general population take extra time to focus on how we can keep our hearts healthy and treat ourselves well. In this article, we will talk about what is in store for the month’s observance for heart health in the United States. We will discuss the importance of awareness of heart disease and how you can take your health into your own hands.

Heart Health: It Starts with You

The goal of American Heart Month is to practice self-care when it comes to keeping our hearts healthy and fit. We can be the best example for those around us by keeping habits that keep us well. These include getting a daily dose of exercise, such as a brisk 30-minute walk down the street or in the local park. Cooking meals that do not have high sodium or unhealthy fats also support good heart health. It is essential to take medications as prescribed and to see doctors regularly to participate in the healthcare system. Most importantly it is important to always stay properly hydrated. Other great habits for promoting good heart health are ensuring that you get seven to eight hours of sleep every night, lowering stress through meditation, quiet time, winding down before bed, or seeking to maintain a healthy weight with high amounts of fruits and veggies.

How Can You Make Your Self Care And Heart Health Habits Easier?

The biggest difficulty for most people when it comes to keeping their hearts healthy is planning ahead. Simply put, planning ahead is the most important skill you can develop to take control of the habits you have for your body. Make sure to build heart-healthy activities into your everyday routine. These include cooking and preparing meals in advance so that you do not have to choose junk food when temptation arises. Organizing your medications to simplify taking them in the morning is a great way to plan ahead. You can also schedule bike rides or build accountability into your exercise schedule. It is also a good idea to make sure that you schedule your doctor’s appointments well in advance so you do not have any hiccups on the day of.

Spreading Awareness

National organizations are teaming up with social media resources to help spread awareness about heart health and heart disease. Throughout February, #OurHearts will be shared millions of times over to remind all of us of the importance of getting ahead of our health in the future. There are a wide variety of available resources to share that are prebuilt with inspirational quotes, sample posts, and much more. Check out the resources built by the NIH and its National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. These are meant to be shared with your friends and family to get the message out there this February.

National Wear Red Day

February 4th will be National Wear Red Day which helps to bring greater attention to heart disease as it is a leading cause of death for all Americans. If you wear red on this day you will be signaling your concern about these issues and help to promote improved heart care in your community. Whether or not it is lipstick, shoes, dress, or other accessories, women around the country will be wearing their brightest and most beautiful reds on February 4. In solidarity, women around the United States will be sporting this done in color to emphasize attention on cardiovascular risks and diseases in women. This day is supported by the American Heart Association and helps to specifically raise awareness about heart disease and stroke risk in women. Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease is the culprit of 1 and 3 deaths in women every year. This makes it the #1 health-related killer in women. The upside is that almost 90% of heart issues are believed to be preventable based on current sites. This is why it is so essential to promote education and awareness as well as to support research and other community resources that improve the heart health of the community. On this day every year, women will wear beautiful red layers. They are standing together with their sisters to encourage action on this important issue.

Great Resources

The CDC has pulled together a wide array of fantastic infographics and social messages. These are designed to help share this information accurately. You can find partner toolkits that help you communicate up-to-date information about heart-related research. They also have quizzes, hypertension resources, and information about COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease. You can also find information about how to manage blood pressure. The website offers blood pressure logs and teaches how to take your own blood pressure properly at home. Because hypertension or high blood pressure is related to many heart diseases, this is an essential skill to develop.

February Is American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month – now is your chance to be involved in sharing this essential information with your broader community. Now is the time to spread information about heart health and heart disease and get loved ones the care that they need. For many with advanced disease, this may mean obtaining advanced equipment such as blood pressure monitors and an automated external defibrillator to keep at both home and office. We are proud to offer AEDs and AED Programs on our website and would love to speak to you if you need advanced equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions about the heart health products on our site.