Welcome to the New Marelly.com

We had some work done. Did you notice our new look?

Marelly had our website redone this summer. We sure hope you like it, because we did it for you. Everything about our new site is designed to help you learn about, purchase, and manage AEDs and first aid programs easier. Here’s a rundown of what you can find at the new marelly.com.

Ecommerce Store – Buy AEDs, AED Accessories & More Online!

We’ve added an online store to the site so you can buy AED products on your own, day or night, whenever it’s convenient for you. Don’t you worry, we aren’t becoming another nameless, faceless big-box AED mega-store. We’re still the same Marelly. You can still call us and talk with a representative to place your orders by phone during business hours like always. (We do enjoy talking to you!) We just wanted to give you the option so you can do things your way.

Homepage Home Run

Designing our new home page was pretty simple, really. First we welcome our newcomers with a link to learn about AED programs, which is the best place to start when you are new to AEDs. From there we thought about why our customers come to us. Most people come to Marelly for one of three reasons:

  1. You want to buy an AED or first aid product.
  2. You need support for an AED you already own.
  3. You have questions about AED programs.

So we put a big, easy button for each of these actions high up on the homepage. Each one clicks right to the correct page where you can get what you need or easily get in touch with us. It may not be rocket science, but if it helps you get on with your day faster, then that’s a win to us!

More Information About AEDs & Program Management

If you think the new site feels like it has more information than our old site, then you are correct. The new ecommerce store has allowed us to add more details, images, and resources about the ZOLL AED products, AED accessories, and first aid products we sell. We’ve also added some new information pages, videos and an FAQ section to help boost your AED knowledge.

New Ways to Stay Informed About AEDs & Community/Workplace Safety

This is the very first post on our new Marelly AED Blog. We’ll be adding new posts regularly with information about AEDs and program management, workplace safety, first aid and cardiac health news, and updates from ZOLL and Marelly.

Email Newsletter
We will also be sending out a monthly email newsletter with links to our latest posts, product features, new videos, and more. You can subscribe by using the quick email signup form at the bottom of this page.

Social Media
You’ll also be hearing a bit more from Marelly on Facebook. We’ll be sharing our blogs, videos, and more news from the world of AEDs. If you don’t follow us yet, fix that now so you don’t miss out!

Time for a Change

The world has changed a lot since Chuck Georges founded Marelly, and it’s continued to change a lot since we launched our old website. When the old site stopped giving our customers what they needed, we decided it was time to get in on some of that change.

If you’ve ever been involved in creating a launching a new website, then you understand how much we’ve thought about our customers during this process. We would love to hear your feedback about the new site. If you encounter any issues or want to let us know what you think, please feel free to call, email, or send us a note on our contact form. Your experience here matters to us.