ZOLL® AED Plus® Aviation Approved AED


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The ZOLL® AED Plus® Aviation Package brings ZOLL’s design, dependability, durability, and performance to the aviation industry. The ZOLL AED Plus Aviation Package comes with a TSO C-142a compliant non-rechargeable lithium battery pack, and an aviation lid designed to identify this AED as TSO compliant.

CPR coaching and feedback
Clear voice prompts, visuals, and text display to guide you through the entire resuscitation
One-piece CPR-D•padz
Allow the AED Plus to give real-time feedback on rate and depth of CPR compressions
Voice prompts instruct you to press harder if chest compressions aren’t deep enough
The voice prompt reassures you when you’re doing it right
Easy to place on patient
Markings show where your hands should be placed for proper chest compressions
Five year shelf-life
Aviation Battery Pack
TSO C-142a compliant
Extremely water resistant
7-year warranty (5-year Standard Warranty plus 2-years with Registration)
Soft carry case

ZOLL AED Plus with a 7-Year Warranty
One-piece CPR-D•padz
Aviation Compliant Lithium Battery Pack
ZOLL AED Soft Carry Case
ZOLL RescueNet Code Review
ZOLL AED Plus Demonstration & Set-Up CD
FREE Physician’s Prescription
FREE UPS Shipping