AED Oversight Compliance & Management Program (Arch)

$145.00 - $579.00

Are you compliant?

Buying your AED is the first step. Now take advantage of the liability protection available to all AED owners. Arch AED Medical Direction and Program Management provides full medical direction from a team of state-specific physicians and handles all of your Good Samaritan administrative requirements.

Arch’s easy-to-use web based platform allows you to view or update your AED’s information such as expiration dates of electrode pads and batteries, AED placement maps, readiness checks, status tracking of trained responders, certification expiration dates, and more! provides you with the following:

  • Site Assessments
  • State Legislative and Regulatory requirements review
  • A written policy and procedure for your organization
  • Medical Direction and Medical Oversight
  • Registration of your Program with:
    1. State and Local EMS Agencies
    2. 911 Call Centers
    3. Other agency required for compliance
  • Online Program Management through


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One-Year Compliance Program Subscription (Single AED), Three-Year Compliance Program Subscription (Single AED), Five-Year Compliance & Subscription (Single AED)