Buying an AED can be overwhelming, especially if you are making the buying decision for your workplace. What is the best AED? What really goes into a COMPLETE and COMPLIANT Program? Aren’t all AEDs basically the same? Marelly is here to help answer those questions.

Every year, Chip Georges, one of Marelly’s partners, speaks at various safety conferences across the United States. He educates safety professionals on AED Programs. He has written articles for online and print publications, including Occupation Health & Safety Magazine.

Excerpt from Chip’s AED Buyer’s Guide —

“An SCA event is a scary, unforeseen, frightening, shocking (no pun intended), adrenaline rushed event. What a person learns through the videos in training is not exactly what happens during a real event. Maximum support is needed during an event, and all AEDs provide different levels of support. Look closely at the level of support your AED will provide. The less the responder has to remember, the better.”

Chip’s AED buying guide is available for quick download below. Simply click on the link and enjoy!

There are two very important factors to consider when buying an AED. These factors are critical. Download now to find out what those are.

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      Marelly AED’s and First Aid has been my go to when it comes to AED’s sale and service.  I currently have 45+ AED’s in service throughout our sports park and have not had any issues.  I would highly recommend Marelly for your AED needs.

      • Eric M
      • Columbia, MO.
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      I have worked with Marelly AEDs & First Aid on several different sized AED Projects, including very large scale deployment projects. They are awesome to work with and take great care of their clients. They are quick to respond to any questions we have. I highly recommend letting them help implement and service your AED Program.

      • Eric M
      • Kansas City Power & Light
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      In my job I wear many hats and my time is important. So, it is refreshing to find a responsive and reliable company that I can call with the confidence in knowing they will deliver me a quality product at a fair price every time. Marelly is that kind of company!

      • Stanley Barker, CLCP
      • Whiteriver Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.